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simple mod i made like a day after NTT modding became public. have since fixed a lot of small issues and junk.
spawns you in YV's mansion with cuz. TV has 1 hp and holds enough Rads to get you to level ultra. there is a car hidden in the couch that will break the TV and pull a few weapons into the portal. leaving takes you to 1-1 L1 with the appropriate difficulty set

27/08/22 minor recode to add NTT 100 compatibility

/loadmod quickstart

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TagsNuclear Throne Together, Nuclear Throne


quickstart.mod.gml 275 bytes

Install instructions

  1. Install Nuclear Throne Together. Beta builds can be found on Discord.
  2. Extract the archive into "mods" directory of the game directory.
  3. "t", /loadmod quickstart