A downloadable mod

    replaces the orginal wall sprites to not have part of the floor tile drawn at the bottom and the green that was likely meant to be transparent for oasis

   it does this by changing the sprites and drawing an enlarged copy of the floor sprites underneath everything (at the start of each level)


    this makes the walls blend better with alternate and destroyed floor tiles, ie: desert tiles having a yellow line on the bottom even when over the dark brown B-tiles


    it is only relevant to the following areas (these wall sprites have bits of the floor in them)

        night desert


        frozen city




wallfix.zip 9 kB

Install instructions

requires Nuclear Throne Together
extract in the created nuclearthrone\mods folder
\nuclearthrone\mods\wallfix\(main.txt, sprites folder, wallfix.mod.gml)
t to open the console at the character select screen
/load wallfix
or add /load wallfix to a text file named startup.txt in your \mods folder