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requires at least NTT beta 9927
(current beta version is always available in the NT discord)

the goal was to rebalance nt's loop game to allow a wider playstyle. while keeping things reasonable (challenge is fun)

i might add more/ let others add more if need be but im pretty happy with it for now (ive been adding off and on for a few months)
i recomend my crowntrain.mod and my weapon mutations pack if you want further variety
message me if you stream this or any of my mods. i like watching people play (will sit through twitch vods)
yokins balance google doc (ive never seen it updated but it was pinned in the main channel on the nt discord a few weeks ago, i got some ideas from it)

update jan/11/19:
fixed bug with heavynade launcher
boltmarrow now affects discs better

buffed weapons:
incinerator(ammo cost)
toxic crossbow(rework, more AoE, worse for co-op)
heavy auto crossbow(accuracy,fire speed)
heavy grenade launcher(pierces)
toxic launcher(detonates when not holding the weapon(E,space))
sticky launcher(detonates when not holding the weapon(E,space))
blood cannon(phases through enemies, constantly making blood explosions)
flame cannon(spawns invisible explosions if hitting enemy(high single target damage))
lightning(arcs from enemies, disappears faster, damage compensated)
lightning cannon(phases through enemies, damaging enemies it touches)
devastator(breaks walls, gains damage as it goes)
energy screwdriver(longer/skinnier)
energy hammer(thicker)
blood hammer(doesnt take health if you reflect/destroy projectiles)
lightning hammer(spawns lightning if reflecting/destroying projectiles)

shotgun shoulders makes shells bounce from enemies if it doesnt kill them (idea taken from yokin's google doc)
eagle eyes lets you see slightly further, wow!

character mutations:
fish TB is really fun with more movement control
crystal TB instant teleport when you release the button (if not over a floor you go to the nearest floor now)
eyes TB loop is muted
GunWarrant time gets longer each loop (yokin google page) and has a visual indicator (uses ghost guardian siloette like yokin has used) uses outline color if using outlines(/outlines) else it is white
Projectile Style reaims shots on release (simpler than yokins enhanced projectile style)
Harder to kill will reset chicken's timer if there are no more enemies (yokin google page)
cops can drop portalstrike ammo for rogues

other changes:
freaks spawn along with other cops post L3
freaks throw multiple grenades instead of shooting
freaks can split into multiple fishfreaks
grunts roll more
ultra weapons are buffed and only spawn from crownvault chest
  -revolver and shotgun clear weaker bullets(lossing damage)
  -crossbow is slightly bigger
  -lasers spawn plasma
  -nade launcher has a indicator before exploding so it is easier to keep track of
gold weapons dont drop on earth
spc spawns less(2/3 rerolled in L0, 1/3 rerolled on L1)
visual change for lasers, why not
some cool weapon effects after firing (lasers/flames mostly) the barrel cooling down

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God…this are brutal

0/10 Eye's tb is muted

This is interesting, I'll check it out!