A downloadable mod

requires NTT


projectiles are the same color as the player who fired them's healthbar/outline

very useful for pvp or playing with multiple people


toggles the colored outline

/color blue

changes your color to blue

/color #ff0000

changes your color to red

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TagsNuclear Throne Together, Nuclear Throne


coloredprojectiles.zip 29 kB


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is there anyway to do something similar, say turn the blade of the energy sword transparent and have it take the players color? i've been messing around with your code and a quick sprite edit of my own to try to get a player colored lightsaber but i can't quite figure it out. just wondering if you can offer any insight please

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gml only lets you blend a color onto the sprite. (why i include projectile sprites that are greyscaled). so if you did the handle would be blended as well. also we dont have access to how the game renders the players weapons. (the weapon sprite is drawn on the player but isnt its own object). if i were to do it i would take the energy sword sprite replace it with one with out the line. and have that be drawn over the player with bind_script_draw using gunangle/wepflip/bwepflip and image_blending it. but that seems like a pain to get working

sad to hear, but understood. thanks for your time! have a good one