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credit to 9joao6 for his original pvp mod for NuclearThroneTogether
and Yokin for modifying his enemystealth mod to work with pvp

a pvp mode for NTT that focuses more on player skill over starting with good weapons/randomly generated spawns, by using small user made levels and having a consistent starting health

custom maps inspired by top-down multiplayer games such as bomberman, with respawning ammo/health/weapon chests
other players are hidden when not in line of sight (made entirely by Yokin)

round winner picks the next mutation, times out after a little time, based on code from 9joao6's twitch mod

start at 20 hp as opposed to gaining max health each round
similarly players start with their default starting weapon, with weapons from chests getting progressively stronger
more mutations work with pvp
after five mutations the earliest mutation taken is replaced
there is now a kill feed in chat and the game tracks kills as opposed to round wins
enemies will start spawning after a certain amount of time has pasted

Character/weapon balance changes:

crystal's shield has a longer cooldown, shown by a white sparkle and sound effect
with throne butt there is a mouse indicator when preparing a teleport

eyes doesn’t pull weapons/ammo/chests

melting can now explode corpses without enemies existing

fixed an issue with plants snare in the current pvp mod

yv's gun sparkle will shine even if he is hidden behind a wall

chicken can no longer become headless
chicken sword reload increased
throw damage is always 6

rebel's allies now work in pvp
they cost 4 hp and are not very strong
allies don’t explode on death

horror starts with no gun
rad beam is slower and recharges over time

rogue has no portal strikes
rogue rifle reload is increased
her throne butt now gives her stronger blast armor (not quite as big as her ultra)

golden frog pistol's reload is increased

toxic in general spreads slower

the jackhammer's reload is increased

march 29 2018: crash fix for newest ntt beta (9927)

feb 21 2019: updated pvpmut error caused by ntt update


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This is a great mod and me and my friends really like it.

While playing we founded an issue whith corpses getting stuck in a wall, it makes game really laggy.

Sorry for any miswritten words.

Hey, what command is used to bring up the menu of mod related commands? Thanks :)

there isnt one.
"/gml" lets you execute gamemaker language code lines from the chat
and yellowafterlife has a giant faq page of chatcommands on the ntt page (loading unloading)


Loved it! Hope you enjoy this fan art :)





thanks for making this blaac!