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adds 5 weapon mutations to the game

(1 is a survivability mutation but its easier to market as a weapon mutation pack)

intended to allow mid-late game builds that arent spc+ushovel

and let you actually build for runs (taking 4 weapon mutations),
related, heavy heart will spawn after 5 weapon mutations instead of 3

also expands the flexibility of multiplayer mutation choices

and to allow players to create some of the stronger weapons commonly featured in older mods such as ultramod and chaosmod (hyper machinegun, plasma shotgun...)

pretty fun, not that overpowered(still feels like you are actively playing a video game)

excited neurons- bullets bounce gaining 1 speed and 1 damage with each bounce (mutation art by _killburn)

powdered gums- hyper shells (also pop weapons)

compound elbow- bolts rebound off walls

flaming palms- flames destroy enemy bullets, flameshells spawn more flames (melee alternative)

concentration- hold the fire button to charge energy weapons (acts like yv's ultra but the reload is frontloaded, it works with energy melee but they do the basic attack first to allow for reaction swings)

condensed meat- players are given a smaller hitbox (its actually pretty crazy how big the players default hitbox is) visually shown as a dot of your players outline color (press B to toggle the dot)

also this pack when combined with only the base games mutations has every one of the WastelandKings characters showing up the same amount


december 2020: updated to fix some long standing compatibility issues with other mods and 60fps 

also tweaked a few balance things 

shells: fire a bit further (based on initial speed now), bounce a little less 

bullets: now checks team and should work with frog pistol 

energy: recoded to drain ammo as you are loading it. may feel a bit different. added sounds. redrew the hud icon 

flames: recoded and changed the rate at which flames clear projectiles. flameshells now turn into shells when they clear a projectile. changed effects

meat: makes players that have bigbandit or bigdog hitbox shrink down to a bandit or mom size

december 2020 2: fixed energy mut not taking rads and a typo breaking modded weapons ( wep*8 instead of weapon_get_cost(wep)*8 )

requires NTT Install Nuclear Throne Together.

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TagsNuclear Throne Together, ntt-skill, nuclearthrone


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Can you make the time holding the mouse bigger for the concentration before it actually starts charging? As of current, unless you clicks take half a second to complete, you WILL use twice the ammo. So please, can you do that?

how do I make concentration work with weapons of mods?