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Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer


NuclearThroneTogether by YellowAfterLife


current NTT beta can be found in the partnered Discord


it adds 1 - 3 skins for every character in NuclearthroneTogether(including skeleton and frog)
so that every character has 4 skins, to celebrate YellowAfterlife adding 4 player co-op to the game

hi c:
I drew these
place the folder this file was in into the 'mods' folder that came with the current version of NTT
    '/loadtxt skins'
    in game to load
    requires all players to first enter '/sideload' if playing online
    check the readme or FAQ in the NTT folder for other commands or issues
requires a version of NTT above 9903 for custom names on the menu and 9909 for custom loading screen tips

list of all the skins is included in the readme with the zip download

my sprite art isnt quite to the level of Paul Veer (NuclearThrone's amazing sprite artist) but  tried pretty hard

I put a stupid amount of time into this for no money
please consider commissioning me to do art for you ♥

    tumblr. commission me for art. no pressure. please


Published Oct 16, 2017
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-skin, nuclear-throne


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skinpack by blaac v 2.2.zip 623 kB


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An essential part of my NTT coop sessions. Thanks for all your hard work!

Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to give this Big Bandit character https://bioonpc.itch.io/big-bandit the Jungle Big Bandit skin from your Hard Mode Mod as a B-Skin.

its on bio(mod boy) to update it in. its much easier to add skins to customcharacters with their own race.gml file instead of an external one. i dont mind if he wants to, i messaged him

ok, thanks a million :)

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Hey there Blaac, I would like to ask you how you did the character select icons on the menu. I've been trying to see how you did them but i can't find any pictures relating to them, even though they are visible in game. (Just to clarify I mean the ones that are 16*24pix)

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the image is compiled into a base64 line of text at the start of icons.mod.gml. i added this part a few months after i made the skins and had developed a habit of doing images like this (easier to download, harder to edit). you can find image_to_base64/base64_to_image converters online

i think this is the latest image i used (you have to change the amount of frames the game reads from this if you change it)

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Wow thanks so much blaac, that is really helpful, thanks so much!

(Edit: I think i've done it, i've just got to test in game!