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    Nuclear Throne Together: hard mode

♦each area is 2 stages longer, generally (5 stage desert, 3 stage sewers, so on)
♦8 NEW bosses, old bosses reworked

♦new enemies, some reworked enemies

♦new secrets

♦custom boss intro systems

the goal was to elongate Loop 0 to be as long/hard as a Loop 2 run in base nuclear throne. and a framework to mod in cool things.

hopefully i will update it further 
*cough, i have a twitter and take art/mod commissions, please give me money to draw for you*.. sorry

planned to type more but i'm not a linguist

i put some spoilers, credits to other people whose code i used, and links to my stuff in the readme

type /options to view mod options. they mostly relate to bossintros or things changed from base NT (portraits for boss intros are tied to the base game menu option)

requires YellowAfterLife's Nuclear Throne Together at least version9921

pretty cool mod. kinda hard. remember to take a 15 minute break for every hour you play

newer ntt updates have introduced issues with the mod. 9921 is the last version i can confirm works. there is a 9940 fix floating around the nt discord made by golden epsilon. this mod became to big for me to continue working on. (i developed medical issues from working on it full time for a few months when it was released). i rewrote the entire mod structure (twice now) but started working on adding content before fully converting some of the other parts of the mod (namely venuz and labs). making pushing updates hard as i would have to finish rewriting the mod or make a branch of the old version with new things added that i would have to rewrite later. design wise i dont really like how it was turning out and would like to have made a more NT+ type of mod that is more of a modpack of content added to later loops of the game rather then replacing the game with a "hard" version, but ive run into roadblocks there as well and have gone back to spontaneously making smaller mods (crowntrain, cwalls, some unreleased character/crown mods...) and leaving hardmode to die. i still think its a worth playing


StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
TagsNuclear Throne Together, Nuclear Throne


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