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    Nuclear Throne Together: hard mode

work in progess but fully playable,

as of now:

♦each area is 2 stages longer, generally (5 stage desert, 3 stage sewers, so on)
♦8 NEW bosses, old bosses reworked

♦new enemies, some reworked enemies

♦new secrets

♦custom boss intro systems

the goal was to elongate Loop 0 to be as long/hard as a Loop 2 run in base nuclear throne. and a framework to mod in  cool things.

hopefully i will update it further but i'm not.. how should i say... *cough, i have a tumblr and take art commisions, please give me money to draw for you*.. sorry

planned to type more but i'm not a linguist

i put some spoilers, credits to other people whose code i used, and links to my stuff in the readme

type /options to view mod options. they mostly relate to bossintros or things changed from base NT (portraits for boss intros are tied to the base game menu option)

requires YellowAfterLife's Nuclear Throne Together at least version9921

pretty cool mod. kinda hard. remember to take a 15 minute break for every hour you play

manhole vollyball
superfireballers are more common in loop sewers
    more mobile
    nearby projectiles will start the fight
    nerfed death explosion
    new loop death explosion(from 9joao6)
cursed hyper crystal death error
fish skull will only stop music if going to oasis
shield crystals
    much rarer in cursed crystal caves
    slightly transparent
    can drop ammo
special bandits in loop now drop ammo kits(for hard hard mode start)
crowns could go invisible??
    shoots consitantly now
    more active
throne2 remade by ("sometimes opens gamemaker"#7341)
    much easier to mod now
    still WIP but better than the modded throne2 i was using
    may try to run you over
    bg portal spiral is a bit funky
changed the spawn condition for secret in frozen city (people were bullying friend)

customweapons for steroids are a pain(small fix)
(cursed)hypercrystal hurt sprite not reseting on restart(i remember fixing this a month ago?)
extra chests in turtles (more reason to go)
    less maxhp on L0
    wallbreak and widespray are seperated attacks
    can no longer shoot during intro
fixed 2 manhole covers spawning in loop
sewer crab shoot sound
all characters now make a sound with "B" (old mod that im forcing you to use)
changes to new portals
    fall into slower
    can now use rmb in portal
    shouldnt be able to get stuck outside and invisible anymore(issue with frog and fish rolling out of portals range)
NEW OPTION: /rogue :rogue will find rad canisters instead of strike canisters, idpd spawned after portal can drop strike ammo
    it WILL trace an error in chat when you first load this version. as it is updating the save file

scorpion boss error
technomancer error
music restarting between 1-4 and 1-5
less oasis mimics (was testing drops and forgot to change back)
rarer secret in city (for real this time)
HQ gets bigger the farther you go
throne2 +hp
loop turtles +hp
loop bigdog +hp
atempted fix for entering secret area in caves
fire is better in caves
sewercrab sound fix
can no longer go invisible when opening the pizza entrance
moved boss names a little to the left during boss intros
ravenboss wont spawn on you
throne2 infinite reload snuck back in, should be good now
    seperated into palace and wild variants
    palace is more consistant at what he does
    related, palace is a fresh sort of hellscape now
    wild variant returned to how he is in base nt, will probably change in future, player sprites

some loading tips    
no longer trace option settings on game start (1*0*1*1*1*1)
gold weapons dont drop anymore
throne stage was stopping you from moving(coding is fun, kill me)
flying ravens will spawn invisible and fade in if outside the level
smaller hitbox for shield crystals
2 portals with loop scorpion boss fixed (again) (9joao6 had a wait(2) in the death animation that was messing up my portal spawner)
super gator
    capped dodge speed
    punch attack is now a proper charge attack
    much more consistant
lil hunter
    more hp (hear me out)
    both his bouncers and rifle shots are blue flames(less damage/range)
    less enemies on 5-5 to start
    smaller 5-5
    faster alarm1(controls flying and idpd portals)

2 players entering seperate portals will no longer soft lock them
added the sound for joao's loop scorpion explosion

scorpions fireing a stream of bullets at you instantly if using certain settings
new palace was to much. toned down
mistakenly used old files for throne2 and guardian. replaced

twice as many scorpions were spawning on 1-5

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Published 6 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsntt, ntt-mod, nuclear-throne


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