been a while

porting gungodz to NTT is mostly done

:update notes:
    -flow of the grand scorpion fight has been changed
        cant activate when you are in spawn (unless you shoot out)
        new "attack" that spawns a shockwave that spawns walls, you can force it by getting close
        wall breaking beam attack now has a breif charging sound/animation
        spread attack bullets deal 2 damage again
        removed loop death pull (joao did it, blame joao)
        hoping to try to try recording sounds next week, 0 experience in such matters
        idpd wont spawn in loop

    -fixed some draw issues for players in sewage
        fixed weapon kickback being reversed if aiming up
        fish will show his roll animation(waterboost can sometimes still be a bit weird but i havent narrowed down why yet)
        will still render as in sewage if a portal is open
    -grey rats are easier to pierce through and kill the green rat
        bolts will always kill the green rat
    -grey rats deal damage through gammaguts (shouldnt with scarier face)
    -purple fireballers deal 1 contact damage(red ones already did)
    -super gator tweaks
        spawns shotgun shots in a circle around it as a indicator as to when it will shoot and way to stop players getting ontop of him without just giving him contact damage
        fist projectile bounces less/explodes on walls more, and shouldnt last forever in platformer mod
    -sewage wont spawn in platformer mod
    -assassins are true masters of disguise
    -ravens shouldnt try to land on walls as much(the studdering when trying to land, NOT related to the studder during boss intros)
    -bigdog missiles, more direct threats instead of passive ones to account for players naturally having to play farther back
        can break walls
        bounces more
        added fire trail
        adjusted loop bullets
        loop missile bullets now have correct hitid (death cause)
        shouldnt instantly start a dash if it spawns behind a wall
        now it will fly more or less correctly in 9joao6s platformer mod
    -shield crystals show the deflect sprite/play the sound when deleting projectiles (mostly bolts), their hitbox is a bit to small, allowing some projectiles to hit through them at certain angles. i think ill leave this in.
    -laser/lightning crystals start off stationary until hurt (disabled if platformer mod is loaded as they would be placed on the ground)
    -secret entrance now spawns when you bring a correct weapon type(actually now), can still randomly appear elsewise, may or maynot work with custom weapons based on keywords in name
    -ammo chests now more consistantly spawn (im good at this)
        now spawn in packs
        while being ridden the rolling animation doesnt play and speed is capped
    -snow tanks
        fires shells that can bounce once
    - *new thing* code originally from joao
    -vans are now spawned by idpd calling backup if they are near another idpd corpse, they have a effect coming from their head while calling, calling takes 5? seconds, van will spawn if they are still alive when they finish, max vans is the subarea up to 3
    -vans themselves are *different* cant quite put my finger on it *cough* credits to jsburg for the draw code,sorry
    -reverted some of hunters changes from last versions, bounces are still flames
    next time maybe, i have ideas

    quietly murder the puppies
    puppies drop a bit less ammo

    -generators inactive sprite
    -generators have 50% more health (90)
    -throne has more health post generators
    -portal effects finally fixed
    mostly done but missing some of details
    -all players must be in the car to leave
    -more weapons
    -bosses (not polished)
    -b + enter to restart level
    -secret 1 isnt accessable yet (requires spawning things on the same tile, i know how i can do this but i have other things to do, this level is also heavily based on starting with 0 ammo and relies on restarting, not sure how to handle placing it in a consecutive run)
    -secret walls arent very secret
    -still gets laggy if there are enough floor tiles, floors dont spawn until their door is activated so it starts each stage with mimimum lag but can become worse in the bigger levels later on (thinking about despawning old stuff but explosives make things a pain as is)
    -related, please dont use a portalstrike behind an unopened door and @me if you get stuck
    -explosions are weird. sometimes walls will be invisible until an explosion hit one of them. i have no idea
    -more "accurate" guards and sarges
    -monsters, fuckers, miniguners, jocks, and chicks oh my
    -there IS reason to go if you can consitantly not die,... i guess,.. depends
    still pretty neat
    will start the run with a car at your spawn
        Player flames dont deal contact damage but instead light enemies on fire. they remain on fire based on how long/many flames hit them. Flames would trigger enemies hurt animation stoping them from being hurt by other things (ie: the flamecannons projectile) effectively capping the damage they could take at a time to 2. this feels better. the flare gun is good. fading the enemies to black to show afterburn duration was yokins idea.
        toggleable with /flames
        can lag a bit with the dragon, there are a lot of projectiles objects
        maggots and rats continue burning after turning themeselves into projectile or green rats
        buffed the FlameCannon a bit. if 1 shot fully hits a van the van will die most of the time (usually during the afterburn). it can kill palace dogs. you will also notice its projectile damage (16) will actually hit things before its flames stunlock it (kill scorpions)
    -changed portal code slightly, should fix rare case of getting stuck.
        /gml Portal.endgame = 0
        if you somehow get stuck anyways
    -Rocket fire trail range lowered
    -the pointlessness of the [modded] loading tip was pointed out to me( people that needed it couldnt see it as it was covered), i shifted the text to the right, its ugly if you already disabled it BUT every person ive watching stream it has not known how to hide the list (or that you could), it can only appear in 1-1 - 1-3 for the first 4 runs after you load the mod(shown in bottom right of pause menu because i made the variable so why not)
    -shadows should render a little better
    -devastator deals damage and doesnt instantly break on walls


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Jan 01, 2018


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