-fixed softlock
    -limited how oven venuz enemies check line of sight (had little to no impact on lag)
    -finalboss rockets can drop ammo

    -crystal density increased
    -hypercrystal buff
    -rare plasmacrystals from ice area added (sound my be weird)
    -secret area entrance wasnt spawning with certain weapons in caves, would spawn in cursed caves fine, i kind of like that as it made you choose to take a curse that you couldnt uncurse to skip HC or gamble the 1/6th chance it would spawn in 4-2, ice caves isnt how i want it and kind of feels cheap, as is its playing the roll of base nt CCC (fast rads) and oasis (but comes when the weapon level is almost max, so its a boss skip). i want it to be a neat little secret area, im thinking of additional spawn conditions (bring x weapon type AND something else)    
    -less elites
    -idpd portal spawns offset
    - 5-3 boss softlock

getting burnt out again, going to take a break from this for a bit


hardmodeb24 by Blaac.zip 21 MB
Jan 01, 2018


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